Luella May Carpenter

Luella May Carpenter

Luella May Carpenter died after a long illness in Rancho Cordova, CA on Sunday, May 29, 2011 at age 82. Luella was born at home in Dana, Vermillion Co., Indiana on January 1, 1929.

"Lou" will be remembered for her quick wit, humor, warm nature and an uncanny ability to survive and prosper in trying circumstances. Her children are grateful to her for passing along these valuable traits to us. She will be missed but reside forever in our hearts.

As a child, Luella lived in and around the Dana, Indiana and Chrisman, Edgar Co., Illinois area with her parents and siblings. While living in Chrisman and working as a telephone operator Luella married Carl Bernell Yates (1924-1955 of Metcalf, IL) on February 9, 1946 in Paris, IL. Their union bore two surviving children, Ronald Eugene Yates (born 1947) and Patricia Lynn (born 1951). Luella returned to Dana, Indiana after the death of her first husband.

Luella married Edward Otis Newlin (born 1925 of Newport, IN) on July 5, 1958. Their marriage produced one son Glen Dale (born 1959). Luella and Edward ultimately divorced. Luella then married George Leslie Pearson (1915-1989 of Vermilion Co., IL) on June 29, 1972. Luella and George relocated to Sacramento, CA in the early 1980's. After Mr. Pearson's death, Luella married John Rebel (1934-1995) in 1990. She also shared a special relationship with Mr. Victor Zamora Almaraz (1939-1996).

Luella was one of four children born from the union of LeRoy Fremont Carpenter (1879-1964) and Nellie Mae Blakeney (1890-1963) who were married May 2, 1923 in Danville, Vermilion Co., IL. Her siblings were Lyman Wesley (1924-1983), LeRoy Cephas (born 1926) and Gladys Loraine (1931-2008). Luella also had four older half-sisters from a previous marriage that united her mother Nellie and Robert Bryant (1890-1923) on December 25, 1910. These half sisters were Myra Mildred (1911-1985), Thelma Arvilla (1914-1990), Gertrude Louise (1918-1984) and Alma Bernice (1922-1924).

Luella is survived by her brother LeRoy Carpenter of Siloam Springs, AR; daughter Patricia Parker of Citrus Heights, CA; son Glen Dale Newlin of Osseo, WI and son Ronald Yates of Charlotte, NC as well as numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Interment will be at Lakeside Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Folsom, CA next to her late husband George Pearson. Miller Funeral Home

A good friend said "we were blessed to have our particular Mom." I know we sure got a feisty one who tried to mold the world to her liking and sense of time. I started my grieving process last fall while helping her relocate from her apartment. I was overwhelmed by the evidence of all the little signals a mother makes showing she loved her children, the bountiful evidence of a determined will using all her resources to make her own way and her unique ability to bond with others. She was able to do this by being her authentic self 100% and use her personality to the fullest. Our mother was a survivor and was required to put those skills to use and she passed this strength on to her children.

We were provided perhaps an extra six months of being able to love our mother and think what she means to us and why we love her. We were able to practice feeling the upcoming sharp pain of her departure and it surely is painful to adjust to her not being in our world today. But we were able to express our love all around, I learned my mother taught herself to play piano, she was able to tell her oldest son he was full of crap one more time, she was able to hear more country music, she was able to hug and be kissed by her sons and she had many good hours with her sweet daughter. She also spent 2 weeks practicing her singing so she could sing Happy Birthday one more time to each of her sons in April 2011. It was so sweet she was asked for an encore and she didn't miss a beat. It was such sweet music to hear one last time. June 1, 2011 Ron Yates

Always my mom, she would tell me every time I left her house to "roll up my windows, lock my doors and drive carefully" and if after dark she might add "call me to let me know you got home okay". She leaves my heart full of cherished memories of the good times, bad times and life's lessons well learned. We laughed together, cried together, and protected each other the best ways we knew how. She never gave up on life and instead she planned how to make life fit her needs.

Mom loved music. And she could sing! My childhood memories are of her singing "Que Sera Sera" and "The Tennessee Waltz". In her later years, she enjoyed playing cards online while listening to her CDs. With the same determination that she taught herself to play piano, she also learned how to use the computer.

The last several months, her failing health never stopped us from laughing, singing, and caring for each other. We did all of that and basked in the love we had for each other. I cherish all my memories of her. Que sera sera my momma. I love you. Sis (posted by Patricia Parker; Sunday, 05 June 2011 23:47)

It's hard for me to know where to begin. I worked for Luella May(I always called her that) for 13 short years.The bond between the two of us become so much more than client and caregiver. She became like a mother to me. Enjoying mother/daughter like talks. I had the pleasure over the years of getting to know her and her family. Especially her daughter Pat. A wonderful and devoted daughter, whom Luella May loved more than words could say. Although, Luella May found plenty of words to say just that and often. I also had the pleasure of meeting her youngest son Glen once. Whom Luella May also loved. I do regret that I never had the pleasure of meeting her oldest son, Ron. But felt I got to know him through Luella Mays pictures and the family website, she doted on and I looked at often. She was proud and loved each one of her children. She talked about all of you all the time. Luella May also got to my some of my family. Meeting my mother and sisters and kids. My mom and her even chatted on the phone several times. When I made the decision to move with my boyfriend to Merced and then ultimately to New Jersey it broke my heart. It was leaving my own mother. I have struggled with that decision for the past year. Although I visited her when I came up to Sacramento it never seemed enough. I was so happy I went to to visit her before moving to New Jersey and even happier now that I got to say goodbye to her and tell her I loved her and gave her a BIG hug & kiss goodbye, before I left for New Jersey, knowing all the while it would probably be the last time I saw her, not knowing the good Lord would take her just a week later. I will forever miss you Luella May. Love Sharon Jo (posted by: Sharon Thorpe; Wednesday, 01 June 2011 22:42)

I did not have the privilege of knowing Luella very well because our paths did not cross very often. We have a common bond though. We both married "Yates" boys. Luella married Carl and I married Jim. So that made us sisters-in-law! To her dear family I extend my heart felt sympathy. It's hard to give up your Mother. God bless you each one. Ruthie (posted by Ruthie Yates Sunday, 05 June 2011 03:14)

I am grateful to Lou for loving my Brother Carl, bearing his two wonderful kids Ron and Patty, and doing her best to see them raised to be great citizens! She will always be loved by us for her contributions to our lives and her friendship! (posted by Jim Yates Sunday, 05 June 2011 02:48)