John E. & Elizabeth Roberson Yates

John Yates Civil War Experiences and Letter Collection book

This publication tells the story of John E. Yates of Grantsburg, Crawford Co., Indiana during the American Civil War. His enlistments, ailments, troubles, friendship and death of comrades, how his family at home reacts and finally John's death are all detailed.

The discovery of letters written by John Yates creates a rich picture of his life and experiences. Combining this with newly discovered judicial records and the assistance of a skilled Civil War Historian of the Atlanta Campaign allow for new findings and solving mysteries 146 years in the making. The findings are noteworthy and of interest to anyone whose ancestors served in the 38th Indiana Volunteers as the Regiment's location in July 1864 is found and the important role augmenting General Sherman's right Flank in Atlanta is finally understood. More specific to John Yates we learn what lead to his death and where he was buried before being re-interned at the Marietta National Cemetery. We unravel the mystery of the killing of 25 Union Soldiers about 5:00 PM on July 14, 1864.

Even in death John Yates had bad luck when his headstone name was misspelled leading to a secondary mystery solved after 134 years. In the end what shows through is the love John had for his family and the humanity of his comrades. John names his messmates along with naming others he knows in other Indiana units. Upon reading you will also learn to appreciate the wisdom and friendship of John's friend and side-kick, George W. Riggle, also of Crawford Co., IN.

If you are a descendant of John and Elizabeth Yates you will discover the warm and loving relationship they have and maintain during times of duress. This book is easily readable includes many photos and communicates amazing details of your family who lived their lives over 150 years ago. This is a perfect publication to pass on to children and grandchildren to capture their imagination and teach them about your family lines. This book is also a perfect way to assist with those school projects assigned to report on family history. It will also make you proud of your ancestors.

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(This publication is soft-bound; 93 pages, many images and includes a detailed listing of John and Elizabeth Roberson Yates' descendants. It is available for purchase from Crawford County Historical & Genealogical Society;; all proceeds go to support the important work of the Society[$20.00 plus $3.00 shipping])

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