2011 Name Indexing Viet Nam War Casualties

This Viet Nam War Casualty Listing is meant to add meaningful additional information about individuals who gave their full measure in this conflict and not one to duplicate the efforts of others. Other sources are available for comprehensive Unit and Organizational details. One example is The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

"Doc" Ron Yates HM2 1967-68

I invested a significant amount of emotional capital to present these Viet Nam deaths in a humanistic manner with images wherever possible building on the efforts of others and my own researching. The Viet Nam era is my era and was my time to serve. Dry lists of names that can be spreadsheet sorted simply don't tell you the story. I cried over several of these listings even though these men have been dead and gone for a long time now. I realize that someone could have been adding my own name to a similar list; I am so glad and thankful that isn't the case.

I did this to honor these heroes and to remind us of the full measure of their sacrifice. I want you to know more about the man who died on his birthday; the man who died knowing he was out of it and was on his way to "Get on a Jet Plane"; a man who rushed in and drowned trying to save a comrade and two men who were so spent and in despair ended their pain. I want you to hear the story of Capt John Dudley Wiley who I nominate as having a most unfortunate death indeed.

In our Country's conflicts there is no such thing as "friendly fire". If you are present in a conflict area then everything is conducted in a fog of war and things never go as planned or work the way they are designed. Therefore all service and casualties in my way of thinking are hostile.

The Selected Viet Nam War Casualties Name Index

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