LeRoy Parker 1942-2004

Embraced his true calling as guardian angel on March 8, 2004.As a 1961 graduate from James Marshall High School in West Sacramento, Lee served a distinguished 20-year career with the Air Force, obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Financial Accounting, and retired from service with the State of California. Family and friends will miss him and hold his memory dear. Graveside services at 10:00 AM on Tuesday March 16, 2004 at Lakeside Memorial Lawn Cemetery, 1201 Forrest Street, Folsom, CA. Family and friends will gather at the VFW located at 3300 U St. in North Highlands, CA following the services. (Published in the Sacramento Bee from 3/11/2004 - 3/12/2004.)

October 20, 2004.   I loved my dad more than words can express.  He always treated me as his daughter and did the same for Michael and Matt.   I couldn't have asked for a better father for all three of us.  Dad seemed like he was pointing out your flaws a lot but he really only wanted you to learn from your mistakes.   When you did something good though you can bet he was the first to tell you how good you did.  I just miss my dad and wish he was still here with us and my mom.  Dad i love you!   Love your daughter, Danielle.   Danielle Courtney (Philadelphia, TN )

April 7, 2004.   I'm sure Lee is rooting on the Giants,where ever he is.  God Bless   Michael Winfrey (Sacramento, CA )

April 5, 2004.   My memories of Sonny are of summer vacations and Christmas holidays spent in Roseburg with Grandma and Grandpa Hogg.   The trip was always more exciting, and our house would be a buzz for a week when my sisters, especially Charlamae knew that Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Stan, Shirley and SUNNY were coming.  I don't think I even knew he had another name until I was a teenager.   Sonny fit him perfectly, he had a way of lighting up the whole place just by being there.  It's not hard to understand why GOD would call him home, the people that went on before him have to be just as happy to see him now, as we were during those vacations in Roseburg.  GOD take care of his family and friends until we all meet again.   We were all bless to have him touch our lives and with the opportunity to have known him.   We love you Sonny Your Cousin Linda.   Linda (Hogg)Rebeiro (Portland, OR )

April 1, 2004.  To Pat and boys, I'm so glad I got to know all of you this past year.   Baseball games won't be the same without Lee.   He was a wonderful man.  I will think of him and smile.   Love Always, Joanne.  Joanne Piatte (Citrus Heights, CA )

March 31, 2004.  Tami Crespo-Knab (La Honda, CA )

March 29, 2004.  We went to James Marshall High School with Leroy.   We've sorry for your loss and hope your fond memories of Leroy will get you through the rough times.   Someday you'll be able to smile as you reflect on the past.  Jim and Jan vine (West Sacramento, CA )

March 26, 2004.  Pat,I was very sorry to learn about Leroy's passing.   Please accept my sincere condolences.  David Theiss (Sacramento, CA )

March 23, 2004.  "SONNY", my very special cousin and one of my very favorite people in the whole world.   I THANK GOD I was able to make the trip and for our last visit, I will cherish it always.   I feel sadness every time I think of us not staying in touch over the years.   Sonny, I will remember you with love and I will miss you and your beautiful smile.   Until we meet again, GOD BLESS YOU!

Dear Pat, I know Sonny adored you and the boys.   I hope the prayers from your family and friends, along with your own love and memories are beginning to bring some joy back into your lives, he would want that.  Charlamae (Hogg) Buss (Portland, OR )

March 18, 2004.  Pat, it always brought a smile to my face to see you and Lee together.   It was so apparent what a wonderful marriage you two had.   I know you must be hurting lots because of your great love for Lee.   I promise to keep you in my prayers - that you will feel God's presence and that He will give you comfort and peace during this difficult time.   In Christ's love, Joan.  Joan Armenta-Roberts (Sacramento, CA )

March 18, 2004.   Hank Omnes (West Sacramento, CA )

March 18, 2004.  my condolences to u . a friend, Yvonne Early.  Yvonne Early (Sacramento, CA )

March 18, 2004.  my thoughts r with u.   aunt Gladys.  Gladys sides (Palmyra, MO )

March 17, 2004.  John Pokorski (Fair Oaks, CA )

March 17, 2004.   Dear Pat, I know your two boys and your loving heart gave Lee a life of love and completeness. The opportunity to share a life with the person you love is one of life's greatest gifts. Thank God, you and your wonderful boys have each other to continue on. My God bless you.  With much love, Rick and Family.   Rick Mattson (Roseville, CA )

March 17, 2004.  Pat, my thoughts are with you. It is a true loss to lose your best friend and lover but hold on to what he gave you and cherish your memories.   They will get you through this!   So very sorry.  Cindy J Griffin (Sacramento, CA )

March 17, 2004.  I am so sorry Pat to hear about Lee.   He was such a special man with a kind word for everyone, and a gentle smile.   I know that he will be missed.   May God be with you and your family.   My prayers are with you all.  Linda Burris (Lincoln, CA )

March 17, 2004.  Biff Dearman (Lodi, CA )

March 16, 2004.   Pat, Sorry for your loss.   My thoughts and prayers are with you, the boys and your family.  Sharon Thorpe (Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.  Thinking back to high school memories, Leroy always shines brightly.   He was always a key member of the the gang, and a team player all the way.   My sincere sympathy to his family...he was a very special guy.  Joan Lewin (Paradise, CA )

March 16, 2004.  Jimmy and Janice vine (west Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.  Gene Crane (Roseville, CA )

March 16, 2004.  Leroy was a pleasure to work with in the Refund Section and I enjoyed our discussions about life in Old Elk Grove.  Beverley Moore (Elk Grove, CA )

March 16, 2004.   Vic Anderson (Fair Oaks, CA )


March 16, 2004.  I will always remember Leroy since we both lived on Poplar Avenue, attended West Acres Elementary, and he was so friendly.   He played sand lot baseball with childhood friends Norman Bowler, Dennis & Gary Anderson, and others, and would let Deeden Johnson, myself, and whoever else rode over on our bikes.   They would let us girls play, (in the field!) to make up a team.   He loved the Dodger/Yankee World Series and baseball the most--until he met his high school sweetheart, our dear girl friend, Mary.   Always a smile and ever so gentle.   We were hoping to see him at our James Marshall Class of 61 reunion since he sent in his dinner reservation, but we were sad that he couldn't make it.  Please know that his friends in W. Sacramento will never forget this special person.   May your fond memories help to ease your pain from your loss.   Our self-employed scheduled appts did not allow us to attend his Memorial service, but please know that our Blessings and Love are with you, Judie & Fidel Martinez.  Judie Martinez (West Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.  You were the very best thing that ever happened to My boys baseball team, the most caring, loving, kind person I have ever meet.   A true Blessing from Heaven you were to me & my boys, our hearts will always carry those beautiful memories.   In the midst of your pain and illness, you still gave 100% to all those kids, what a True Giver you where.   Pat, Matt, Michael I love each one of you guys and we will always be here for you, just a phone call away.   God Bless  Diana Suarez (Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.   My sincerest prayers go out to Pat and the rest of Lee's family in this time of loss.  Jeff McGuire (Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.  The completion of a circle causes a deep loss for so many.   Be assured this sadness will, in time, be replaced with beautiful memories.   Our hearts and prayers are with you.  Jimmie & Cindy Schwegerl (Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.  John Erickson (Sacramento, CA )

March 16, 2004.   My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Pat.  Love you -  Laura Flynt (Granite Bay, CA )

March 15, 2004.  Pat and family: our thoughts and prayers are with you.  love,   Cheryl and Rick Zahm (BOE retired)  Cheryl Zahm (Grass Valley, CA )

March 15, 2004.  You were such a great friend to my dad...you will be sorely missed.  Nicole Swagerty (Rocklin, CA )

March 15, 2004.  LeeRoy, We could not have had a sweeter and more caring brother in law if we had chosen you for Mary ourselves.   I still can see you and Mary at your High School Homecoming Game.   (High School Sweethearts)   You will always be a part of our lives.   We love you dearly.   We were so happy for you when you and Pat found each other and found so much love and happiness together.   We send our love to you, Pat and family.   We will always be here for you.  Lovingly, Jim and Patty Crespo  Jim and Patty Crespo (Parks, AZ )

March 15, 2004.   We will treasure memories of Lee, in tough times and good times he always wore a smile on his face.  Pat, we both are thinking of you now and share this loss with you.  With heartfelt sympathy, Ron & Lee  Lee & Ron Smith (Gold River, CA )

March 15, 2004.   Pat, Lee will watch over you and the boys from his lofty perch in heaven.....Lee, you are missed....  Sally Carter (Waldport, OR )

March 15, 2004. So many times since Mike and Matt started at Merryhill School have I been greeted by Lee's warm smile and kind heart.   I have watched Mike and Matt bloom into loving, smart, compassionate young men, and I know that their grandma and grandpa have been the navigators on that journey.   Knowing that he is an angel guiding them still helps to ease the pain and sorrow Lee's passing has brought.   I know my life, and many lives, were blessed having known Lee.   Joan Gorton (Roseville, CA )

March 15, 2004.  Linda Smith (Oklahoma City, OK )

March 15, 2004.   Walter Kohnke (Cameron Park, CA )

March 15, 2004.  Uncle Leroy, Great, great childhood memories, from spending time with you all when you lived on the base (being a teenager, Aunt Mary would chase off those young military men), on the land-sea cruiser you and dad bought together (fun times with that) to being gracious and enjoyable to visit throughout years.   You always smiling!   Reading Shirlely's entry I see my brother and I were not the only chaperons for your dates.   (What's that telling us, were you a wild boy?) Being only 3 and 4 at the time I don't remember that, just having fun.   Thanks for the memories, all my love.  Patti Dearman (Modesto (transplant from West Sac.), CA )

March 14, 2004.   Lee I never reaLLY had the chance to get to know you very well.   But wish i could have known you better.  Over the years my sis said you was the best thing that ever happen to her and that was enuff for me and you was great to my mother she really looked up to you for all the great times you gave her.   Well Lee thank you for being the best part of pats life.   was great knowing you buddy i will see you someday  Glenn & Pam Newlin  Glenn & Pam newlin (eau claire, WI )

March 14, 2004.  I only met Sonny once, on a family trip to Disneyland during Christmas Holiday in 1976.   I was 10 years old and remember my mom telling us about her cousin who lived in Sacramento.   I remember staying at his house and playing with his (son)?   It was a memorable family trip.  Trey Miller (Portland, OR )

March 14, 2004.  i love you an miss you grandpa ....  nicole parker (Sacramento, CA )

March 13, 2004.   I remember...I   remember when there were just the four of us & you were forced to take me on your dates, & your baseball practices, or you couldn't take the car.   You were always there for me, just like another parent.   Always, no matter what, just a phone call away.   Remember the 3 or 4 years in a row we went to Reno for New Years...You, Hazel, & I?   I know we all got tired of that!  ...Memories that will now always bring smiles & tears to me...  I love you Leroy...I'll miss you more than I can express.   I'll see You, Mom, Dad, Craig, Mary & Red dog when I get there.  Always & Forever, Love   your sister Shirley...  Shirley Alavez (Elk Grove, CA )

March 13, 2004.  Sonny-   That's the name I know.   When mom spoke of you, it was always "Sonny".   I know she thought the world of you and loved you very much.   I never knew your given name, and still think you were mom's only cousin.   I remember traveling through Sacramento on our way to Disneyland 27 years ago....   I was 15.   You opened your home to us and we had a GREAT visit!   Thank you for that...  Brenda Bertram -   Charlamae's daughter (Portland, OR )

March 13, 2004.  I wanted to express my sorrow even though I  (Kim), did not know Lee well but, you both made me feel welcomed and I wanted to let you know that Denny and I are always here for you.   Denny sends his love.  Kimberly & Denny Walton (Dorris, CA )

March 13, 2004.   Whether it was taking kids fishing, or helping them to build everything from tool boxes to bird houses, Lee gave so unselfishly of what little time he had left on this earth.   There are quite a few cub scouts whose lives have been touched by Lee's loving kindness.   Come to think of it, my life has been touched as well.  Rick Bada (Loomis, CA )

March 13, 2004.   Richard Parker (sacto, CA )

March 13, 2004.   I will miss u very much Grandpa.   David Roper (Sacramento, CA )

March 13, 2004.   I loved u very much and you are sadly missed.   Gram Ma  luella Rebel (Sacramento, CA )

March 12, 2004.  Lee, you made a difference in so many lives!   Thank you for loving my wonderful sister and being her best friend.   I have always been impressed with your calm wisdom and life leadership.   I am glad to have had you in my life!   You are missed and you are in our thoughts.  Ron & Jean Yates (Ashburn, VA )

March 12, 2004.  I love you and thank you for being my dad and taking care of my two boys.   I miss you.   Your daughter, Danielle  Danielle Courtney (Philadelphia, TN )

March 12, 2004.  Very seldom, in our lifetime, are we lucky enough to be blessed with such a great, true friend.  We miss you Elrod.  Butch and Shirley Browning (Sprague River, OR )

March 12, 2004.  Lee,you will be missed and I pray God will Bless and keep your family until such time comes that they meet with you and the Lord on the other side.  Your cousin.   Lolita Cunningham (Oregon City,, OR )

March 12, 2004.   Lee & Elaine Carpenter (Siloam Springs, AR )

March 12, 2004. Dear Pat, Matt, and Mike, Chris and I will miss Lee very much.   He brought a lot of joy into our lives.   He was always upbeat and positive.   I loved listening to his advice.   I'll miss watching the Giants game with him.  From Nicole and Chris Davies   Nicole Davies (Burbank, CA )

March 12, 2004.  you will be missed!! all my love ....your son Brent   Brent parker (Sacramento, CA )

March 12, 2004.   I will always love and miss my grandpa.   Michael Andrews (Citrus Heights, CA )

March 12, 2004.   I Love you. I miss you.   Matt Housel (Citrus Heights, CA )

March 12, 2004.   Patty, Your in our Thoughts and Prayers. Don, Kim & Kids   Don & Kim Carpenter (Siloam Springs, AR )

March 12, 2004.   Dear Pat: Although the years and miles have separated us somewhat we still love you and support you.  Please know we care and will pray for your comfort.   Uncle & Aunt..   Jim & Ruth Yates (Casey, IL )

March 12, 2004.   I love you darling.   I'll always miss you and that gorgeous smile of yours that captured my heart from the first moment I saw you.   Forever yours, Pat  Patricia Parker (Citrus Heights, CA )

March 11, 2004.   Each of us who has had the pleasure of knowing Lee,will hold our own special memories.  I'll bet the horses he did here & there,keep a running tab for him till we meet again.  He'll get a kick out of that.  Debbie Werre (Sacramento, CA )

March 11, 2004.   Patricia, I offer you prayers, sympathy and hugs.  Rita Jo Ference  Isaiah 30:21  Rita Ference (Sacramento, CA )

March 11, 2004.   Danyale Deloney (Sacramento, CA )

March 11, 2004.   Karen Burress (Sacramento, CA )

March 11, 2004.   with all my love sis take care   Glenn newlin (eau claire, WI )

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LeRoy Parker 1942-2004

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