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James Robert Yates

Jim Yates - Oct 9, 2000

Hello everyone! Well, I finally did it! Got off my duff and created this family site for us to use. I hope you will all treat it as your own site...add news, information, pictures (hopefully jpg or some compressed format), whatever options you can add to make this a vital experience for us all.

PLEASE, visit as often as you can. I will be adding pictures and items of interest, genealogy, ect, as I can but this will need your input as well..don't let me down!

Stephanie Unger (our daughter) gets the prize for the first one to visit! As I was creating the site and before I even finished the invitations she had entered the site and her birthday came up! Congrats Steph!

Thanks for visiting..let me know your wishes or comments.....Jim n Ruthie.

As you can read from the originating post above in October 2000 James Robert Yates, Sr. (son of Harry Elmer, Grandson of James Wilson and Great Grandson of John E. Yates) inaugurated the use of the best technology of the day to facilitate communication about and of the expanded family.

During its active life The Yates Family Website played an important role documenting and recording life's activities both high and low as we know life comes at you fast sometimes. We wanted to preserve much of what occurred as it occurred which is why we have created this dedication to our Yates Family Website. Ron Yates, Editor.

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