Yates and Others



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 REPO2 Alabama Department of Archives and History Stetler-Yates 
2 REPO3 ancestry.com base tree 
3 REPO1 Ancestry.com Stetler-Yates 
4 REPO15 Ancestry.com Stetler-Yates 
5 REPO4 DAR Library Stetler-Yates 
6 REPO2 Family History Library base tree 
7 REPO1 Family History Library base tree 
8 REPO6 FamilySearch.org Stetler-Yates 
9 REPO9 FamilySearch.org Stetler-Yates 
10 REPO17 https://www.fold3.com Stetler-Yates 
11 REPO5 Internet Stetler-Yates 
12 REPO3 Library of Karen M. Stetler Stetler-Yates 
13 REPO14 Library of Karen M. Stetler (Documents) Stetler-Yates 
14 REPO7 USGenwebArchives Special Projects Stetler-Yates 
15 REPO10 USGenwebArchives Special Projects Stetler-Yates 
16 REPO16 www.findagrave.com Stetler-Yates 
17 REPO8 www.fold3.com Stetler-Yates 
18 REPO11 www.fold3.com Stetler-Yates 
19 REPO12 www.newspapers.com Stetler-Yates